Aaron van der Meer



Aaron is huge, for his age. Really huge. So huge that most adults mistake him for a high school kid.

Most of the kids seem to think that, if Aaron so chose, he could turn the entire class into a despotic dictatorship in a day simply by exercising his freakish might. It’s a great relief, then, that the boy seems to have no interest in such things. Actually, he doesn’t seem to have much interest in anything at all. He keeps to himself, quietly earns average grades, and puts on a half-hearted performance in gym class.

Whatever his true feelings about the class, and the kids in it, Aaron keeps them close to his chest. Either that or he’s just one of those average, apathetic kids trying to keep his head down and get through school. But that’s too boring to be true…right?


Most people seem to think that Aaron is destined to become a great basketball or football player, but so far he has shown only middling interest in sports. Oh, he plays them, sure—he has to—but mostly he seems to be doing it out of obligation.

There are a couple of rumors going around about Aaron. The first major rumor is that his family is closely tied to a local gang, and that (because of his size, of course) his older brother has already drawn him into criminal activity. The second rumor is that one of the other kids in the class (which kid it actually was seems to vary) once walked in on Aaron alone in the gymnasium, and found him doing—of all things—ballet dancing.

Aaron van der Meer

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