Adaliah (MIA)



This is OOC information designed to help players choose a Mentor.

Shadowname: Adaliah
True Name: Jordan (Jack, Jay) Hunter
Path: Moros
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Arcana Specialties: Matter (Archmaster); Death (Master); Life (Adept); Forces (Disciple)

Temperament: Cautious, level-headed, sarcastic
Teaching Style: Practical, results-oriented, demanding; encourages independent thought

Current Status: Missing. Adaliah recently disappeared without a trace. He took the time to get his affairs in order, first, which implies two things: 1) whatever happened, he knew it was going to happen, and 2) he is probably never coming back.

His family seems to be behaving as if he were dead, although this has not actually been confirmed. Is he still out there? And if so, what is he up to…?


Adaliah is best known for his Matter magic, and particularly his affinity for, and command over, the element of water. Hence the Shadowname: “one who draws water.”

An extremely well-respected member of the Awakened community, Adaliah is one of the most senior and experienced members of the Consilium. He is capable as both a leader and a front-line combatant—and while he’s never hesitant to enter the fray, his careful and methodical approach to battle has won the respect of his peers and his enemies.

Known also for his level-headedness, Adaliah is slow to anger; but he also tends to hold others to a very high standard, and tends to be dismissive of those who prove themselves to be beneath his level of expectation.

Rumor has it he’s married to a werewolf; he thus has access to some powerful, and unexpected, allies—friends who don’t give one crap about Awakened politics. This has made many politically-minded Mages very hesitant to mess with him.


Misterio is his good friend.
Laverne Ward is his “niece” (though not by blood).

Adaliah (MIA)

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