Amos Seward


Real Name: Amos Seward
Shadow Name: Beard
Path: Thrysus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Mentor: Aramis


He has a rounded rectangular face with mouse-brownish hair and small brown eyes under a significant amount of brown eyebrow. He buzzes his head to a manageable, low-maintenance stubble. Neither short nor tall for his age, Amos was notable for being fairly stout. After a long summer of mentorship under Aramis, quite a bit of that stoutness has dropped away.


Personality / Background

A serious minded kid who is resolutely himself in all situations. Some serious teasing in his old school has made him indifferent, at least appearance-wise, to peer pressure. He has an older sister in college, and his parents both have high-profile careers that suck up their lives, so in general he’s used to being on his own. Mr. and Mrs. Seward are reasonably well-off.

Though Amos seems fairly stalwart, he tended to eat his feelings in secret. A series of cookbooks checked out from the library ensured that at least those feelings taste awesome. Now, he’s more likely to feed up his friends.

Amos wasn’t first pick for any extra-curricular or recess activity for a long time, but has opened up to a very specific set of people and through them gained a lot of confidence … even if he’s started to cling to them a little bit. He has a small but intense collection of grudges, and though he lacked the wherewithal to act on them, he’s discovered that it’s not really all that hard.

Amos Seward

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