Bob Turano

Sports Star


Bob is the (supposedly) older, and more athletic, member of the Turano Twins. A blue-eyed, sandy-haired quarterback, he is more or less every elementary school girl’s Prince Charming fantasy. That is, until he opens his mouth.

Of the two Turano brothers, Bob certainly has the shorter temper, and the more abrasive attitude. Naturally inclined toward leadership, he tends to try to take control of whatever situation he is in—and he also tends to blow a gasket if his attempts to take charge are not met with easy compliance.


Bob is a pretty cookie-cutter middle school football kid: popular, good-looking, vain, and a little stupid. Only a little stupid, though—his grades are a little better than his poor playground wit might otherwise suggest, and his talent for music might surprise some people.

Of course, playing the flute isn’t the most manly thing for an elementary school boy to do; therefore, the slightest mention of what instrument Bob plays in band, outside of band class, is likely to be met with quick-tempered hostility.

Of late, Bob has found himself outcast from the popular clique at school. His run-ins with the Starks, in particular, have roused his ire so often that his friends and even the adults who once supported him have begun to turn their backs. Unfortunately, while many spoiled brats learn to correct their behavior when someone puts them in their place, Bob has yet to learn.

Bob Turano

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