Ethan Russo



Real Name: Ethan Russo
Shadow Name: Songbird
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Free Council
Mentor: Aramis

Far too into ‘80s rock music for his own good, Ethan is by far the most flamboyant member of the group—and that’s saying something. In the hallways of the school, he can usually be heard about a mile off, whether from the rolling wheels of his technically-not-allowed skateboard or the headphones on his Walkman turned up to 11.

But while he’s excitable in the extreme, Ethan isn’t known for being the most useful team member. He tends to be pretty bad at most pursuits to which he applies himself, matching the other kids only by applying the occasional flash of magic. Despite that, he’s managed to endear himself to the most popular clique in the school—although the most common perception of this (whether true or not) is that they are keeping him more as a pet than as a genuine friend.


Since his Awakening, Ethan has been riding on a wave of soaring confidence and popularity. Those who know him well may think that this wave of excitement can’t possibly last, and yet it seems to have shown no signs yet of slowing down or crashing.

Of course, he’s oblivious to the fact that his mother, Content Not Found: angelica-russo, is no longer who she appears to be. That knowledge, should it come to light, might just shatter his fragile little world.

Ethan Russo

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