This is OOC information designed to help players choose a Mentor.

Shadowname: Justine
True Name: Molly Reynolds
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: Perfected Adept
Arcana Specialties: Prime (Master); Forces (Master); Space (Disciple); Life (Disciple)

Temperament: Kind, proud, idealistic, resolute
Teaching Style: Nurturing, protective; values integrity, passion, and commitment


Few Mages exemplify the phrase “pillar of the community” as well as Justine. Hard-working, responsible, honest, and just plain decent—that’s just the kind of reputation Justine has built for herself. She’s a staunch, dependable ally—the kind of person most are glad to have at their back when things go south.

A powerful Obrimos, and a capable fighter, Justine has carved a niche for herself both in the Adamantine Arrow and among the esoteric and reclusive Perfected Adepts. She is one of the few Adepts that does not cloister herself away, but rather actively takes part in Awakened politics. It is unknown what the other Adepts think of Justine’s political activities, but she does appear to be in good standing with the monk-like temple.

Rumor has it that Justine wasn’t always such an exemplar of good behavior. Older Mages in the community sometimes whisper that she was quite the little delinquent when she was young, but that some kind of serious trauma gave her the resolve to turn her life around.


Athos is her younger sister.


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