Margaret "Maggie" Stark

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“Do you wonder ever if you’re a bad man?” “No. I don’t wonder, Marty. World needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.”

Real Name: Margaret Stark
Shadow Name: Shelley
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Mentor: Athos

Maggie’s copper curls fall thick down her back. She loves fashion – and that primarily means that she wears off the shoulder t-shirts and sweaters, tights, leg warmers, and big scrunchies. She wears contacts. She’s known for being excitable and stubborn, but as the years go on, she’s become more calm, more focused, more intense. She’s got a sharp edge to her now, like if someone makes her too angry she might snap and cut them; fortunately, the cheer tends to win out over the other and the bladed edge is just hinted at in quirks of her lip, twitches of her eyes.


Three years ago, Maggie’s life was simple – sure, her parents were divorced, but she spent equal time with them and they were all happy and good to her. Her older brothers and sister were great, and she got perfect grades in school, thank you very much. And that’s about when everything briefly went to shit. She started fights on the playground with Emily and Bob, she watched her cousin Rick get eaten by a Paint Monster, helped (and led the charge) to hold down fake-Colby and pour turpentine and nail varnish over its head to melt it, watched Xyza get shot in the face, and then got terrorized by a goetic demon named Christopher. And that was all while she was 11.

When she was twelve, she helped get her cabal involved in the Halloween Talent Competition. She briefly dated Bill until she dumped him (or maybe he dumped her; it’s unclear) over rumors that Emily was spreading and him believing them. At the same time, she started dating Songbird who she’d had a crush on for a while, and the two seem to be inseparable – always willing to encourage the others’ decisions.

Ever since, Maggie’s changed. She’s still generally up beat, and is the first among her cabal to volunteer at school for student council matters or extracurricular activities. She volunteers to give speeches and works to get to know all the other kids in school. She has a love for puzzles, homework, and school work that’s mystifying – she’s pulled passing grades (not even passing, flawless grades) despite her busy schedule and with no signs to the teachers of cheating. Simultaneously, she has become more sharp-edged. When the group discusses plans, she’s the one who tends to vote for a more violent (or perhaps more appropriately, crueler) approach. She’s less forceful about her personal decisions than she used to be. Whereas, before, she’d roll her eyes and charge forward anyway, now she tends to go by vote, and keeps herself calm and even-tempered. She’ll still lead a charge, and is always ready to urge everyone to get moving or to take part, but is far more unflappable as a whole.

Margaret "Maggie" Stark

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