He's Mysterious


This is OOC information designed to help players choose a Mentor.

Shadowname: Misterio
True Name: Lucas Bradshaw
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Subtle One
Arcana Specialties: Space (Archmaster); Mind (Master); Time (Adept); Prime (Disciple); Fate (Apprentice)

Temperament: Detached, scholarly, enigmatic
Teaching Style: Scheming, playful, demanding; encourages independent thought


Misterio is the heart and soul of his Order, and, as far as anyone outside of it can tell, he’s the one in charge. Even if that’s not true, he may as well be—Misterio has so much influence with the Great Athenaeum in Paris that he practically runs the place. And he’s always there, running things.

Of course, he’s also everywhere else, too. The Archmaster of Space seems to juggle countless responsibilities with a frightening effortlessness; he seems constantly to be in many places at once, working on many different tasks at once. Considering his mastery over the Arcana of Pandemonium, it’s probably more than just “seems.”

Like any self-respecting member of the Mysterium, Misterio is a scholar in the truest sense of the word. Just about every serious discovery within the Awakened community in the last 20 years has his mark on it somewhere. But he’s also a little bit of a maverick—where the Order often prefers stuffy, traditional methods, Misterio tends to prefer an out-of-the-box methodology.

Rumor has it that the shadowname “Misterio” was originally a joke, but that for whatever reason it just stuck.


Athos is his pupil.
Adaliah is an old friend.


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