Mr. B



Shadow Name: Mr. B
Real Name: Unknown
Alias: Bryan Badman (?)
Path: Mastigos
Order: The Silver Ladder

The Hierarch of the city’s Consilium is known for his laid-back composure, and his laissez-faire style of governance. Content for the most part to sit on the sidelines and rely upon the day-to-day judgments of his Council, Mr. B’s principal concerns in most political situations are expediency and a cool, logical pragmatism.

His public appearances tend to be few, and brief, with an emphasis on efficiency and preparedness. This is a leader who, unlike many Awakened in his position, seems to take no particular joy in the sound of his own voice, but rather in getting things done.


The kids were shocked when, upon seeing the Hierarch for the first time, they found a man who had an identical face to the villain they’d previously met known as Bryan Badman. This Mage was responsible for a deal with the Doomsday Clock which resulted in the theft of Laverne’s soul and the physical death of Epiphany Hayward. One of his companions, Mr. Skipper, was later responsible for the theft of the Justicar’s Brace, a powerful Artifact that had belonged to Genevieve StClaire.

The stark similarity between Mr. B and Badman—as well as the initial, “B”—has left the kids strongly suspicious of this powerful and influential Mage. But no connection between these two people, apart from the physical resemblance, has yet been substantiated.

Mr. B

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