Petra Mendeleeva



Real Name: Petra Mendeleeva
Shadow Name: Stoker
Path: Thyrsus
Order: N/A
Mentor: Zoia

Petra seems to be one of the first girls at the junior high to have blossomed into full-on puberty; and unlike many other girls her age, there is no trace of awkwardness to it. She walks, talks, and moves with an almost predatory kind of grace, now, with a self-possessed hip-sway that draws a great many eyes. She’s starting to look like she belongs on a magazine cover.

Yet she’s not without her quirks and weirdness. For one thing, she continues to wear extremely conservative clothing—long sleeves even in the summer. While this was previously attributed to her shyness, the latest rumors seem to suggest that it’s actually because she’s got tattoos. This has added to her mystique, and given her a reputation for being perhaps the most mature 6th grader the school has ever seen.


Between elementary school and junior high, Petra has undergone the most drastic transformation of any of the kids. Where she was once shy to the point of total speechlessness—indeed, paralysis—she is now a witty, talented conversationalist whose outer layer of confidence seems to be made of sterner stuff than any a pubescent girl ought to have. And her apparent talent for verbal sparring has filled the once cocky Emily Burke, in particular, with terror.

It’s enough to make one wonder if all that shyness was just an act. But who would—who could—fake an entire set of personality traits consistently for an entire school year? She’d have to be an incredibly gifted actress, to pull that off…and why? No, the far simpler explanation, however difficult to believe, is simply that she’s come out of her shell in a very big way.

Recently, Petra has withdrawn from the spotlight. Her mother, Zoia, has pulled her out of the school in favor of a more pristine, private education. The group is seeing less and less of her, although thus far there has been no talk of her moving away anytime soon.

Petra Mendeleeva

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