Dark Herald


This is OOC information designed to help players choose a Mentor.

Shadowname: Poe
True Name: Peter Marsala
Path: Moros
Order: Silver Ladder
Arcana Specialties: Death (Master); Matter (Adept); Space (Disciple); Mind (Apprentice)

Temperament: Pragmatic, composed, driven
Teaching Style: Inquisitive, results-oriented, patient; values an obedient, methodical pupil


Poe is an up-and-comer in the cutthroat politics of the Silver Ladder. As such, he is well-versed not only in the manipulation game, but also in the rich political history of the Awakened. Among the Silver Ladder, he is considered a historian and trivia-hound of notable worth.

He is also frequently entrusted with more delicate matters within the Silver Ladder government. This includes matters such as the transportation of prisoners (knowledge of both Space and Death helps him to prevent the most frequent types of escapes), and the securing of Hallows from external threats.

As a person, Poe is known to be easygoing, difficult to get a rise out of, dutiful, obedient with his superiors, and true to his word to his subordinates. But when it comes to conflict, he prefers not to get his hands dirty; often those who cross him find that they’re dealing with the friends and allies who owe him favors, rather than with Poe himself—who has better things to do.


Zoia is a political ally.


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