Porthos (KIA)



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Shadowname: Porthos
True Name: Lucy Harcourt
Path: Acanthus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Arcana Specialties: Fate (Adept); Matter (Disciple); Time (Disciple); Prime (Apprentice)

Temperament: Flighty, manic
Teaching Style: Improvisational, chaotic, unorthodox; values passion and energy

Current Status: Deceased. This Spring, Porthos was killed in a werewolf attack. Details about the attack have not been made publicly available.


Most members of the Consilium have learned to regard Porthos with a healthy degree of caution. It’s not that she means to be dangerous; it’s just that she gets so excited that the resultant flailing of knees and elbows tends to knock things over. Metaphorically speaking—mostly.

She has quite the flair for the dramatic. More than one of Porthos’s enemies has felt more stressed-out and threatened by her elaborate speeches and accompanying fist-pumping than by any actual physical threat she may have posed—though that’s not to say she’s weak. Porthos is capable of kicking ass; she just needs to give a long, dramatic speech first to warm herself up to the idea.

Her cabal, the Musketeers, is made up of herself, Athos, and her husband, Aramis. The other two Musketeers are often relied upon to rein Porthos in and keep her under control. Aramis in particular is called upon to do this more often than not; those who have serious business with Porthos or her cabal are typically advised to seek the calmer, more level-headed husband out first.

Porthos has a son who’s about five. His name is Thursday, which Porthos seems to believe is a perfectly ordinary name for a child.


Athos is her best friend.

Porthos (KIA)

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