Real Name: Laverne Ward
Shadow Name: Remainder
Path: Acanthus
Order: Unknown

The woman who calls herself “Remainder” is a young adult—certainly high school age, but perhaps between the ages of 17 and 21. She is skinny, and somewhat pretty, but more striking than her slightly-above-average looks is the intensity behind her eyes. She looks at the world, and everyone in it, with a kind of focused ferocity that typically only appears in those who have recently learned that their time in this life is severely limited.

She carries an old pocket-watch, which she can be seen opening up and glancing at from time to time. She tends to appear out of nowhere, is often in a hurry, and often seems to experience her encounters with the group in a different order than they experience it themselves.


It has been revealed that Remainder has been Laverne all along—an Awakened Mage who has somehow acquired a limited capacity for time travel, and has decided to use it to help her friends to Awaken and achieve their destinies.

Little is known about how exactly Laverne’s time travel power functions, or why she feels the need to revisit her old friends so frequently, and to meddle in their lives as she does. But there can be little doubt that her influence has moved things forward in a positive direction for the kids—that, without her, many of the events in their lives might have played out far worse than they actually did.

In one final visit to her friends, Laverne has revealed that in her current form she’s trapped in her life’s final moment—and that once the energy of her pocket-watch runs out, she will die. Having completed her task of getting all of her friends to Awaken, Laverne has said good bye, and has no apparent plans to revisit the kids again.

Probably we’ve seen the last of her.


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