Rick Stark

Dark Young Warrior


Real Name: Rick Stark
Shadow Name: Padawan
Path: Moros
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Mentor: Adaliah / None?

He’s attractive and composed in an imperial sort of way, like some English lordling. His blue eyes are on the dark side, and a little hard for a kid’s. His lips generally stick together, folding between frowns and pursed-lip irritation and the occasional close-mouthed smile, which makes his crooked grins all the more striking. He’s got both height and breadth, looking more like a eighth or ninth grader than the seventh grader he is, but carries his weight with a deft quickness and even grace.

He’s steady, mature, and calm for his age, to the point that it’s a bit weird. He easily affects a sprezzatura nonchalance in the face of attention, danger, or excitement. When that breaks, though, it’s as likely to be something dark and forceful underneath as awkwardness or anxiety. People don’t talk about it as loudly anymore, but everyone at school knows Rick can pick (and win) fights. He gets his way with implied force as much or more as with charm.

His older brother was into punk and Rick’s style is still influenced by him, but running to the minimalistic. Simple dark or hard colors, well-cut jeans, nice running shoes, and jackets – one particular leather jacket, mostly, faded and well-worn. In the warm months he’ll switch to muscle shirts and/or basketball shorts. For a young suburban guy, he’s downright fashionable.


Rick came back from summer vacation more polished, quicker to talk, quicker to grin. He also lost his mentor – his composure’s just been moving from the dry to the dry and warm, loss more the common background noise of his life then the forefront. He started spending more time in Manhattan, where he’s been helping rebuild the Perfected Adept temple and doing odd jobs around the mortal dojo they maintain.

Everybody around school knows who Rick is, even if they don’t know him. He’s that kid. His dad died. He got in a fight with that other kid, the big one. The big one didn’t even win. As is the way of such things, the details tend to be kind of fuzzy. He’s pretty scary, kind of cool sometimes, and hard to understand.

He plays for the basketball team during the winter and the baseball team during the summer, with cross country in the fall and track in the spring. He’s not a natural carouser as a leader, but he makes for a decent enough captain. He moves the ball around, makes plays with his team instead of past them. He backs them up if shit goes down at school.

Deeds of Renown

  • His pitch made Bob whiff at the kickball plate and look like an idiot. Even Emily and Bill laughed.
  • Laid Bill out on the ground after Bill shoved his cousin Maggie.
  • Totally broke a seventh grader’s knee or something – when he was in elementary school.
  • Made the thing that should not be howl in pain.
  • Died, got better.
  • Drew a really bitchin’ picture of an ankylosaurus.
  • Carried Ethan out of the Puppetmaster’s workshop – after wrecking his hands trying to free him.
  • Became a wizard.
  • Chased down Valerie and kept her from escaping after she shanked Maggie, knocking her out at the end of a close and desperate fight.
  • When he was attacked by Aaron in a rage, kept his cool and wound up strangely unhurt before marching to the principal’s office and almost getting Aaron out of trouble.
  • Laid Jack Morris the fuck out for saying Aaron was gay. Rick played with him to make a point.
  • Knocked an angry werewolf off of Vee and survived running away through his park (in part by turning a tree into bees).
  • Asked Petra out.
  • Asked Petra out a second time more clearly and got a yes.
  • Survived multiple (volleyball) blows from Pillbox’s Powerbolt.
  • Together with Marion, won a dangerous magical volleyball tournament to claim his lost master’s soulstone.

Rick Stark

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