Valerie Carver (MIA)

Black Eyes


Real Name: Valerie Carver
Shadow Name: Athena
Path: Unknown
Order: The Silver Ladder

Valerie looks like she’s never gone through an awkward stage in her life. While she might not strut with the mature confidence of some of the most popular girls, her bright almond-shaped eyes, easy smile, and long wavy dark hair have caught the attention of a few of the boys in the class. Since becoming Emily’s Best Friend, Valerie has fully embraced the Punk/Goth look. Blacks and purples, vibrant eyeshadow, fishnets, and studded spikes are her wardrobe staples. And hardly appropriate for a 12 year old.


Valerie just transferred from a school across town, and became fast friends with the group. She even offered to teach them to break dance.

Unfortunately no one learned to break dance.

Instead things ended with both Maggie and Rick suffering from Abyssal wounds, and Valerie knocked out cold. All we know is that she’s a Sleepwalker, and that she’s somehow connected to Damien Drago.

After Valerie was taken away by Zoia—who claimed that the Silver Ladder ‘had a use for her’—Valerie has reappeared in the company of another newly-Awakened Mage: Emily Burke. While their exact intentions are unknown, it’s clear that Emily’s plans will not be in the kids’ best interests—and that Valerie, for whatever reason, seems all too eager to help Emily achieve her goals.

Perhaps it’s got something to do with the way the kids exposed her, beat her within an inch of her life, and bound and interrogated her. Perhaps she keeps ties with the mysterious villain, Damien Drago. Or maybe she just thinks Emily is her best shot at having a real friend. Only time will tell.

Valerie left the school at the same time Emily Burke did. Rumor has it she accompanied her friend to California, and won’t be returning.

Valerie Carver (MIA)

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