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  • Petra Mendeleeva

    Between elementary school and junior high, Petra has undergone the most drastic transformation of any of the kids. Where she was once shy to the point of total speechlessness--indeed, paralysis--she is now a witty, talented conversationalist whose outer …

  • Ethan Russo

    Since his Awakening, Ethan has been riding on a wave of soaring confidence and popularity. Those who know him well may think that this wave of excitement can't possibly last, and yet it seems to have shown no signs yet of slowing down or crashing. Of …

  • Zoia

    Zoia values her privacy. *Relationships:* [[:petra-mendeleeva | Petra Mendeleeva]] is her daughter. [[:laverne-ward | Laverne Ward]] is her...ward.

  • Aramis

    Aramis is the third and most forgettable member of the Cabal that named itself after the Three Musketeers. Though somewhat personable, he keeps to himself and doesn't like to create a stir; this has made him very few enemies, but has also caused him to be …