Petra Mendeleeva

Character Sheet

Petra Mendeleeva

“You can fake your age or mask it, but the passion that moves the characters has to be real."

- Victoria Abril



Petra seems to be one of the first girls at the junior high to have blossomed into full-on puberty; and unlike many other girls her age, there is no trace of awkwardness to it. She walks, talks, and moves with an almost predatory kind of grace, now, with a self-possessed hip-sway that draws a great many eyes. She’s starting to look like she belongs on a magazine cover.

Yet she’s not without her quirks and weirdness. For one thing, she continues to wear extremely conservative clothing—long sleeves even in the summer. While this was previously attributed to her shyness, the latest rumors seem to suggest that it’s actually because she’s got tattoos. This has added to her mystique, and given her a reputation for being perhaps the most mature 6th grader the school has ever seen.

Visible/Known Information

  • Path: Thyrsus
  • Order: Apostate
  • Mentor: Zoia
  • Age: 12
  • Notable Traits:
    • Striking Looks
    • Like, Presence High as Balls
    • Feilong



  • Rose by A Perfect Circle

“I am
I will
So no longer
Will I
Lay down
Play dead
Play your doe
in the headlights locked down
and terrified
Your deer in the headlights
shot down and horrified when
Push comes to pull comes to shove
Comes to step around this
Self-destructing dance that never
would’ve ended till I
I roared aloud here
I will
I am.”

“That girl
Where has she been?
Perhaps she never left
All this changing
Disguises staying the same
She will get injured in the slaughter
She’s someone’s lucky daughter
She can’t control this lion’s den
Only the water is her friend
Tough luck girl
Watch out she’s rabid
She can’t look you in the eye
She’s going away again
Look at her outstretched hand
I think she wants the swan to land on her…”

Petra Mendeleeva

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