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Shadowname: Athos
True Name: Lisa Reynolds
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Arcana Specialties: Mind (Master); Space (Adept); Death (Disciple); Time (Apprentice)

Temperament: Cold, calculating
Teaching Style: Austere, methodical, idea-oriented; values obedience


Though still young, Athos is a serious up-and-comer both in in the Mysterium and in the Consilium at large. She is widely known as one of the foremost authorities on all things Mastigos, from the Mind Arcanum, to investigations into goetic demons, to the esoteric studies of the Realm of Pandemonium.

A true lover of knowledge for its own sake, Athos is a scholar first and…everything else…second. When set to a task, she tends to prioritize the gathering of information over even the safety of those involved. This has earned her a reputation for callousness which is, more or less, deserved.

Still, though she puts up a cold front, those who manage to worm their way into her moral circle often find an unexpectedly warm presence lurking within. Many who would expect Athos to be utterly without warmer traits like humor and compassion find themselves surprised, if they are fortunate enough to be in the room when she lets her guard down.

Rumor has it that this humor and compassion were once far more pronounced in this veteran Mage, but that the paranoia and mistrust of being a Mastigos has worn her down over the years and made her cynical.


Justine is her older sister.
Misterio is her mentor.
Porthos is her best friend.


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