Bill Turano

Little Charmer


Bill is the (supposedly) younger, and more friendly, Turano Twin. Sandy-haired, blue-eyed, Bill really is every little girl’s fantasy.

Unlike his brother Bob, Bill is known more for academic than athletic success, and he is overall a quieter and more easy-going boy. He’s known to be sensitive, and kind of romantic—and, rare for a boy his age, unashamed of that fact.

Bill was the first boy in school with a steady girlfriend—Emily—and also the first boy to go through a breakup. After Emily, he dated Margaret “Maggie” Stark for a while, for whom he is known to compose love poems on the regular. However, Bill broke up with Maggie after seeing her (or someone who looked very suspiciously like her, anyway) kissing another boy.


Sensitivity and poetry are not two qualities normally associated with a popular kid, but somehow Bill manages to pull it off without getting made fun of. Maybe it’s the fact that his twin brother is protective and vaguely terrifying—or maybe it’s just his quiet confidence, or, even more shallowly, his good looks.

Whatever the case, Bill’s charm and more relaxed nature don’t necessarily make him more sympathetic to the plights of the unpopular kids. While he might end up being a little nicer to the outcasts—or at least more willing to overlook them—when his friends and brother aren’t around, he can pretty much be counted on to join in with whatever the other popular kids are saying and doing at the time. Which often involves torment of the weird kids.

Bill Turano

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