Emily Burke (MIA)



Real Name: Emily Burke
Shadow Name: Aphrodite
Path: Mastigos
Order: The Silver Ladder

Emily Burke was the sexiest 10 year old girl around. She had it all—the trends, the clothes, the boyfriend—but all that’s changed. Now, outcast and on the fringes, Emily has become an extremely unpleasant person to deal with—and even worse, she’s got nothing left to lose.

Emily is charming, when she wants to be, but she is also capable of acts of great viciousness—whether because she is angry, threatened, or simply bored. It’s become noticeable enough that her friends have turned on her, and even the adults have begun to whisper words like “borderline” and even “psychopath.”

Watch out for this one.


Having bit off more than she could chew in her rivalry with Margaret “Maggie” Stark, Emily found herself in a position of powerlessness which frustrated her to no end. This humiliation culminated at the infamous Talent Show, when her performance was destroyed and a mockery was made of her.

After that, Emily disappeared for several months. But just when the kids thought they had seen the last of her, back she came—and with a vengeance.

Since her Awakening, Emily has had a resurgence of confidence. She has taken to Mind magic in particular with alarming quickness, and has already demonstrated a clever aptitude for making the lives of her enemies miserable while remaining on the right side of the Lex Magica.

As of this school year, Emily is no longer attending the same school as the kids. While Emily has pulled a few withdrawals like this before, the rumor mill is plainly circulating that she’s moved away to California—presumably forever. This time, she really does seem to be gone for good.

Of course, once can never quite be sure…

Emily Burke (MIA)

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