Epiphany Hayward



Real Name: Epiphany Hayward
Shadow Name: Serendipity
Path: Arcanthus
Order: Free Council
Mentor: Pillbox

At 13 Epiphany is still tall and lanky, although the boys are beginning to catch up. Her hair is still a fluffy mess of long curls, but she’s cut herself some bangs and dyed them bright pink. Her style of clothing remains eclectic: leather jackets, ‘urban’ tees, blouses, distressed denim, patterned tights, and a growing collection of shoes that no one’s sure how she can afford. (The others know that it’s definitely magic.)
She doesn’t wear dresses nearly as often, mostly because it’s too difficult to holster her gun in them.


Epiphany has come back from summer vacation more sure of herself. With some rigorous and haphazard training under her belt, she sees no reason not to use her magic to benefit her whenever the mood strikes.
Which is probably how Epiphany acquired and holds on to her new scooter. The hum of that black Vespa means Epiphany is never far behind, and she seems to drive it everywhere. Fee has been busy hanging out in Manhattan and on Long Island these last few months, trailing after various members of the Free Council. Whether they liked it or not Epiphany has nicely implanted herself into the Order— perhaps they just got tired of turning her away when she showed up just at the right time and place.

Maybe it’s the deaths of Porthos and Treya that has her sticking so close. Epiphany still seems to be doing her best to cope with the loss, but she’s uncharacteristically tense around werewolves. Marion’s display at the beach hasn’t done much to help that.

please don’t ask about Pillbox what are you even talking about

Epiphany Hayward

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