Unmitigated Badass


Shadowname: Joule
True Name: Rosanna Park
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: Perfected Adept

At first glance, this Korean girl might not seem like much to look at. She’s short, somewhat slight, quiet and severe by default, and barely speaks any English. But a longer look reveals battle scars; taut, hard muscles that are the result of rigorous training; and a proud, serious bearing that can only come from the most supreme poise and confidence.

When Joule walks into a room, heads turn. When she speaks, rooms deaden to silence. When she raises her sword, people run. She may not look like much, but she is an extremely talented Mage, and a warrior without peer.


Months back, when the Doomsday Clock assaulted the Perfected Adept Temple, Joule was one of the few Adepts who escaped alive. The Temple sent her on a revenge quest—alone, and without any prospect of back-up—to return the favor. And she did.

Along with Sutton and Tiamat, Joule was instrumental in the downfall of the Doomsday Clock. She initially met up with the pair—and Laverne Ward—by happenstance, but they swiftly became fast friends, and Laverne would have been slain many times over were it not for Joule’s steady blade.

Joule cut her way through the Clocktower, subduing countless foes single-handedly, and is in large part responsible for Remainder’s success in defeating the apocalyptic cult. She is also one of very few Mages who has no fear at all of werewolves—famously, she gave Marion Hunter a ruthless dressing-down when the werewolf girl tracked mud into her cabal-mate’s house.

Don’t mess with Joule.


Justine is a peer and fellow Adept.
Remainder was a dear friend.
Zoia holds her in high esteem.
Marion Hunter and Joule do not get along.


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