Marion Hunter



Werewolves are not known for their composure, but Marion doesn’t even bother to make an effort at it.

On the surface, Marion’s cowboy swagger makes her seem pretty cool. And as long as nothing riles her, she can relax and joke around like the best of them. But those who spend any appreciable length of time around this young werewolf develop the innate sense that she is on a hair trigger—that a fuming rage boils just underneath the surface, waiting to explode at the slightest provocation.

Fiercely loyal, and protective, Marion’s rage could be a powerful asset, or a terrible hindrance—depending on where it is directed when it goes off.


When the kids were hatching a plot to scare the crap out of Emily Burke, Marion was totally on board. She took the plan perhaps a little bit too far—roughing Emily up, in the process—but to this day she keeps the video recording of the prank dutifully in her desk drawer at home.

That’s just how Marion rolls.


Adaliah (MIA) is her father.
Remainder is a close friend.
Rick Stark is a friend.
Petra Mendeleeva is not someone she likes.

Marion Hunter

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