Twouble wiv his awhs


This is OOC information designed to help players choose a Mentor.

Shadowname: Pillbox
True Name: Ray Takeda
Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council
Arcana Specialties: Forces (Adept), Prime (Adept), Life (Disciple), Fate (Disciple), Matter (Apprentice)

Temperament: Well-meaning, happy-go-lucky
Teaching Style: Improvisational, air-headed; values a straightforward, pleasant demeanor


Nobody in the Atlantean Orders really takes the Free Council seriously, which makes Pillbox the perfect Free Council member. Not even his own friends take him with more than a grain of salt.

People sometimes wonder if the lackadaisical, carefree, speech-impaired Obrimos is hiding something sinister under his sugary-sweet veneer; but if that’s so, he’s playing an extremely long game, because no one has reported any signs that this guy has any plans to pull one over on anybody anytime in the foreseeable future.

Pillbox has a well-earned reputation for extreme gullibility. At the same time, few seem willing to mock him too much; because he seems to truly keep the interests of the Awakened community at heart, after a while making fun of him feels sort of like abusing an innocent puppy.


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