Young Councillor


Real Name: Unknown
Shadow Name: Richter
Path: Obrimos
Order: The Silver Ladder

By appearance alone, Richter perhaps reminds of a more mature, grown-up version of Bill or Bob Turano: handsome and surfer-boy blonde, he seems never to have had an awkward day in his entire life.

Mentally, however, Richter is anything but a Turano brother. He’s mature, calm and composed, often somber and serious. But he’s also incredibly polite, considerate, and accommodating, and has demonstrated a stunning political acumen and ambition in the very short time that he has been alive.


It’s hard to imagine making an enemy of Richter without doing something extremely wrong—and thus easy to see why he’s had such success moving up the political chain. He is the first Councillor in a long time, perhaps ever, to be placed on the Consilium’s governing Council before the age of 18.

Perhaps it was just a perfect storm of political instability coupled with obvious, shining potential; or perhaps there are other forces at work. In any case, Richter is certainly the most powerful political figure closest to the kids’ own age—perhaps that will be useful sometime in the future.


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