Shadowname: Sutton
True Name: Danny Owens
Path: Acanthus
Order: N/A

Sutton has done more with quick fingers, a charming smile, and a song in his heart than most people have done with their entire lives. His talent for illicit acquisitions is something of a legend in the Awakened community. Which is why, wherever he takes up residence, he is always kicked out before long.

If you cross paths with Sutton, you may want to double-check your pockets afterwards.


Rumors abound about Sutton. They say that he deals in dark things: forbidden Artifacts, unholy ritual components…even people’s souls, and Mages’ soulstones. They say he has friends in the Seers of the Throne. They say he has fingers in every pie, that he double-deals with everyone he associates with, and that he has no loyalty to anyone but himself.

Just about the entire Awakened world reviles Sutton. He is welcome in no Sanctum, protected by no Consilium, aided by no Order. And yet it’s impossible to deny the positive role that he played in the downfall of the Doomsday Clock.


Joule sticks up for him, from time to time.
Remainder was like a daughter to him.
Tiamat is his wife and is in her first trimester with their kids, so she apparently likes him.
Everyone else hates him.


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