Rebellious Herald


Shadowname: Tiamat
True Name: Genevieve “Ginny” Prescott-Owens
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium

The reason Tiamat is herald is because the consilium of Long Island realized that everyone already disliked her enough that if she showed up with bad news, killing the messenger wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Tiamat has a tendency to cause chaos, mostly on accident. She tells stories, has a black sense of humor, and also seems (especially now, starting her second trimester of pregnancy) very emotional and especially prone to tears or anger. She also is well known to hate Time magic. Unconditionally. She loudly and publicly makes vows to never learn it.

She dislikes authority, which has resulted in her being kicked out of the Mysterium not once but twice. She regularly mouths off to those higher than her. Some would say she’s better suited to the Free Council, yet she staunchly refuses to be anything but Mysterium – apparently it’s that, or she’s going apostate. How the Mysterium feels about this loyalty depends, honestly, upon the member.


Ask most any other mage or anyone who knows about magi about Tiamat and they’ll have a story – often negative. For instance, Poe will inform you of the time she was in the middle of the New York Consilium, and in broad view of Sleepers, she stepped out of Twilight, shot a Vampire five times in the face, screamed, and then stepped back into Twilight – and on top of that, when brought in to be judged, had the audacity to try a jailbreak. Athos will talk of the time where, to try and win Sutton’s heart, she stole several grimoires from the Athenaeum. Marion will say that she’s a betraying bitch and will only begrudgingly note that she once kidnapped another werewolf and dropped him off at Marion’s doorstep.

Perhaps it’s by luck, then, that Tiamat met Sutton, the only mage in the world who is more universally disliked than she is. It’s well known that they’re married. Despite all of her faults, Tiamat was the leader of the downfall of the Doomsday Clock. Her heart is in the right place…She just often needs a steady hand that can put up with the self-righteous backbite.

Sutton is her husband. He often says “ye melted the bloody van” to her. This apparently wins him fights. No one understands why except…
Joule who was a member of her cabal, and often stands up for her.
Remainder was like a daughter to her.
Zoia hates her, though Tia is known to say “She’s not so bad.”
Athos is her arch rival, and they loathe one another.
Misterio is the reason she’s still in the Mysterium.
Marion wants to rip her head off.
Poe and she dislike each other professionally.
Justine is one of her staunch supports within the Long Island consilium.


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