Epiphany Hayward

Character Sheet

Epiphany Hayward

“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”

- Charles Bukowski



At 13 Epiphany is still tall and lanky, although the boys are beginning to catch up. Her hair is still a fluffy mess of long curls, but she’s cut herself some bangs and dyed them bright pink. Her style of clothing remains eclectic: leather jackets, ‘urban’ tees, blouses, distressed denim, patterned tights, and a growing collection of shoes that no one’s sure how she can afford. (The others know that it’s definitely magic.)
She doesn’t wear dresses nearly as often, mostly because it’s too difficult to holster her gun in them.

Visible/Known Information

  • Path: Arcanthus
  • Order: Free Council
  • Mentor: Pillbox
  • Age: 13
  • Composure: 5
  • Merits:
    • Trivia Hound
    • Shadow Tarot
    • Has a Gun
    • Allies: Free Council



“I got lost in the sounds
I hear in my mind
All these voices
I hear in my mind all these words
I hear in my mind all this music”

“Everybody wants to be happy, so
Take a look around, find a hand to hold
If you really want you can change like the weather
And no matter what you do it’ll keep getting better
Everything you want that is who you are
You can be the sun and the moon and the stars
Or the bass or the drums or the lead guitar”

“And I heard your voice
As clear as day
And you told me I should concentrate
It was all so strange
And so surreal
That a ghost should be so practical
Only if for a night”


Epiphany Hayward

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