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PREVIOUSLY ON “DANCE MAGIC DANCE” (aka: when we were 12):

Maggie’s grown more into herself. Her long hair has a tendency to naturally fall into the wide, thick curls so popular in the late 80s, and she seems to have a love and affection for the leg warmers and off the shoulder fashions generally prominent during the decade. Her hair has started to take a coppery tint as she ages, and she’s transitioned from glasses to contacts (admittedly, mostly because her glasses broke far too often. Her mom was likely behind the change.)

She’s known for being excitable, with a tendency to get Too Involved™ in anything happening around her (especially if it’s particularly dramatic or dangerous). Everything she does now, however, is tinged with a slightly darker, sharp bent to it – like she’s on the razor’s edge of snapping and ripping someone to shreds if they make her unhappy.

Maggie’s Traumatizing Incidents

Maggie has had many traumatizing moments (both self-caused and caused by outside forces) leave her with an altered sense of morality, a tendency to start fights, and a twitchy paranoia that she (mostly) keeps to herself. Italicized incidents just involved Maggie (among the PCs, anyway). These incidents are…

  1. Watched her cousin, Rick, get eaten by a Paintmonster. (Age 11)
  2. Held Fake!Colby down as her friend Vee poured turpentine over his head to get rid of the paint-dog. (And thus the name: #dogmurder)! (Age 11)
  3. Watched Content Not Found: angelica-russo shoot a teenage girl, Xyza, in the head. (Age 11)
  4. Was mocked and terrorized and threatened by Christopher, a goetic demon, for a few solid mostly-sleepless weeks. (Age 11)
  5. Entered Pandemonium, the Realm of Nightmares, where she was summarily torn apart by facsimiles of her friends and family and told every terrible thing about herself. (Age 11)
  6. Watched her friend Laverne get her soul stolen on her behalf on what should have been a normal school day. (Age 12)
  7. Entered the Temenos to save Laverne, took over the “body” of the Atlantean Malebranche, and then proceeded to completely melt a young boy’s head from the inside to take over his body. (Age 12)
  8. Watched her friend Epiphany get shanked in the throat by Mr. Drago. (Age 12)
  9. Got shanked in the heart by Valerie. (Age 12)
  10. Went through a terrifying ordeal she will never mention the night before the Talent competition. (Age 12)

Over the past year, Maggie has changed. She’s generally up beat – she gets overexcited about the smallest things, and has proved to be more than eager to throw herself into any adventure or creative task that presents itself to her. She still loves puzzles and homework and school work – but she’s gained an edge. Her moods sometimes fluctuate down to dark and embittered within moments. She’ll be smiling and talking to someone one moment, and the next moment will darken and get in their face, threatening them. These quick mood changes can be unsettling at best.

Even though it’s more subtle, Maggie went somewhere (Paris, she says) over the summer between elementary and junior high, and returned able to speak fluent French and with an air of mild sophistication that she didn’t have the year before. This has helped Maggie seem more grown up than previous years…even if upon hearing about a Halloween Talent Competition, she does still squeal and get over-excited. She has recently started dating Bill and is seen holding hands with him, kissing him in the hallway, and occasionally writing him love notes and poetry to respond to his own poetry. She really seems to loathe Emily and seems to enjoy coming up with ways to harass the other girl. She also may have a crush on someone else, but she certainly doesn’t talk about that, and seems content to ignore it.

Still, though, Maggie’s report cards still say it all. She’s good at most academics (getting straight As), she’s reliable and always pushes herself, and she’s an adept student of music. She listens to adults (generally), and can almost always be relied upon to do as she’s told by the adults.

PREVIOUS TROPES (From when we were 11/12):

PREVIOUSLY ON “RECESS” (aka: when we were 11):


With long curly dishwater blonde hair and an (often) easy smile, Maggie’s generally easy to get along with. She wears thick glasses perched on her nose, and often is found in clothes that her grandmother likely forced her in to. She tends to carry around books that are above her reading level or have to do with weird topics ( Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark anyone?)

More recently, Maggie’s taken to wearing her old glasses (ugly blue things with masking tape wrapped around the nose). Her eyes are puffy and purpled in the way of someone who hasn’t slept much, and she’s got a twitchy, uneasy paranoia to her that causes her to look over her shoulders and occasionally mumble to herself.


Maggie’s report cards say it all – she’s described as good at most academics (getting straight As), she’s reliable in physical education because she always pushes herself even if she’s by far not the best, and her four years of piano make her an adept student of music. She listens to her teachers and can generally be relied upon to do whatever she’s told.

However – as evidenced in a recent kickball game – there are times where Maggie just snaps. One moment she’s cheery and trying to buoy everyone’s mood up, and the next moment someone insults a friend or says something that sets her off, and suddenly she’s cussing, in their face, and threatening them. One girl even said that one time Maggie got right in her face and told her that she’d find a way to make her deepest fears come to life while flailing around one of the weird murder books Maggie always carries around.

But these events seem to occur mostly rarely – and mostly Maggie manages to stick to the buoyant and cheerful nudging. Maybe those brief glimpses are just the bad influence of her cousin, Rick or her recent bout of hanging out with Content Not Found: laverne-ward. Or maybe it’s because of her parents divorce – which can’t be it, as Maggie seems pretty a-ok with it all told. Mondays/Wednesdays she’s at her dad’s, Tuesday/Thursdays her moms, and weekends alternate back and forth.

Lately, too, Maggie’s mood has taken a bit of a darker bent. She seems twitchier and more untrusting. To adults, this no doubt looks like she’s been abused or terribly bullied – to the other kids, it’s more like Maggie’s taken being obnoxious and violent too far.

Previous Descriptions and Bios for Maggie

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